It was a colorful weekend!

Well its late on Monday night, but late is better than never right :) I had a fun weekend, crafting with a friend on Friday,  teaching a Silhouette software class at a local store on Saturday morning and when I got home there was a VERY FUN box waiting for me! This box caused lots of jumping for joy, literally, and it also caused a few strange looks from my husband! He couldn't believe that a box could cause so much excitedness and he still didn't get it after I opened it either... This box pretty much consumed the rest of my weekend but it was rainy and cold and perfect for passing the time. Wondering what I got in this box yet??? Alright I'll quit teasing, hehe.

Box of pretty
 Can you say COPICS???? Not just Copics but a whole set of pretty, pretty Copics. Rainbows of color:) Now I'm not made of money so I have to add in the disclaimer that I got these from a friend who was no longer interested in using them for less than a dollar a marker. It was a deal that I couldn't pass up!!! After opening the box my next mission was to fill in my color chart because its easier for me to choose colors this way.

Color charting

So I fired up the portable heater in my room and set to work. First I put all my markers with their color families in piles and started filling my chart. I found this task very relaxing and therapeutic.  My next task was finding a storage solution to store my new beauties in. This is what I have come up with for now but it is still a work in progress.

Storage solution

All of my colors are in a 31 bag which I like because my colorless blenders and florescent colors fit in the side pocket. You can't see in this picture but all of my Atyou Spica glitter pens fit on the other side. Now as you can see though not all of my markers fit in this bag so I utilized what I had and  put all of my grey tones and flesh tones in the plastic bin that I had.  Ideally all of my markers would fit in one storage unit that travels so my hunt for the perfect solution is on...

Now who could look at all that happiness and not play with it. So I stamped off some images and got to practicing because after all I am Copic certified but can hardly say I'm any good at coloring yet. Practice, Practice, Practice... I only hope to be as good as some of the artist I see out there!

Practicing my skills
Now I can't leave you with a no card in my post. Granted it is not made with any Copics but it is made with another pile of color that makes me just as happy.

Embossing powders
Here is the card that came out of this stash of goodness.... Hope you enjoy!!
©Squirly Girl Creations- Precious Remembrance Stamps


~amy~ said...

Becky, you hit the jackpot with all those copics...WOW!

Such a fun card..love the colors!

Dyane said...

Wow Becky, it's like Christmas with that huge box!!! Makes me happy too!:) Thank you so much for creating another fun card using Precious Remembrance stamps!!!:)

Shelly said...

Have fun with all those Copics!!! WOW! And I love your card...very cool!