I'm alive...

No I haven't fallen off the scrap-earth. I've just been a little overwhelmed with the holidays and my computer blew up. I spent 80 minutes on the phone the other day with dell only to have my computer reset to factory settings (in case you are unfamilular with this process, that means I lost EVERYTHING!) I'm just sick about this because I had just taken all of my pictures off of my camera and had not had a chance to back them up yet ;( Lesson learned, I guess, make time to back them up! So I have spent the last few days trying to recoupe what was lost, all of the cut files I had downloaded for my design studio and all the blogs that I had saved to my favorites list. Unfortunately what really mattered most to me is lost forever, my pictures... sniffle, sniffle... I am hoping now that the holiday rush is over I can make up for some lost time. Stay tuned.

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