Exciting News!!

I'm so thrilled! I got a call for a job interview today... I applied quite awhile ago and was being a little silly when I filled out the application with my answers. I figured I would never hear from them, so you can imagine my shock which quickly turned to excitement today when they called and asked if I was still interested in interviewing for a position in their store!!! I can hardly contain myself! If I'm going to go back to work why not have a job that is my passion!!! Its like a dream, nobody wake me up, please:) My husband and I were just talking about me finding a job part time to get out of the house and have some social interaction and to add the cherry to the cake this job is in the area we will be moving to. I told them that I want to interview for part-time but if it works out I just might be interested in going to a full time position when the house sells and we live closer :)

My interview is on September 4th so I will keep you posted. I may not be posting some of my recent projects on here until after the interview. I have to have something to surprise them with!

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