Changing things up a bit

Yep. I decided it was time for a change up, I think maybe its the cabin fever setting in. I don't know about you but I am SO ready for spring and all of this cold weather and snow to go away.

I did a ton of research before this change up to decide what it is that I really wanted my blog to look like when I was all finished. I found that I am attracted to the less is more look. If any of you know me this is super surprising because as much as I really like the CAS look, I'm not very good at it. I just don't know when to stop sometimes....I love color, I love patterns, I love elements and bling. But I took some advise from a blog crush of mine (Emily Branch), some times less is more. LET YOUR ART SHINE.

Now I stumbled on Emily's blog, Emily Branch Designs, just recently and she has a new some FABULOUS advise and a great Top 10 series that I highly recommend that you read whether you are new to blogging or not.

In my research I also found that I didn't want to spend a ton of money because I'm a cheapskate and this is a hobby for me. I'd rather spend my money on product to play with. I'm pretty savvy when it comes down to it I found out. I spent $0/zip/zilch/nothing/nada on this remodel. With a little help from google and my super nice friend Allie Gower over at Larkspurs on Saturday. I was able to figure it all out. Now it did however take me some time, about 12 hours total. I used Photoshop to create all of my graphics.

Here are some of the resources I used when I made my new clickable header:
Vero's View: clickable header tutorial
Image Maps: www.image-maps.com
I had to remove the header that blogger has in the templates which requires editing the html. It really not that scary. I plan to learn more.
Here is the tutorial I found on google that worked for this:

I hope you can all use some of this info and you take the time to visit Emily and Allie's blog they are both great artist!


Lynn B. said...

Oh, I think I really like this!! I'm definitely checking out the tutorials when I get a chance. Great job on your new blog look!

Lynn B.

Queenie said...

I simply LOVE your new design! It's fabulous, and you are soo talented. I couldn't write code to save my life. Thank you for such a sweet shout out! You have me bluhing--a blog crush? Me, really? I am honored. I hope to continue to provide you with AWESOME content and more fun Top Ten!!

Keep up the AMAZING work and designs!

naim said...

great (y)...