Kerri Bradford Color Challenge

Wow, so its been almost 7 months since I have put up a post! I haven't stepped away from crafting just blogging. It was a part of my life that was becoming stressful and making the things that should be enjoyable (like playing with my family) not so much fun so I decided to put it aside for a bit. I think I've made the decision that I will blog when I can/want to and make it a less focused task for me.

That being said LET'S HAVE SOME FUN. It's cyber Monday and we all know what that means.... online shopping. I have been waiting for a sale a Kerri Bradford Studios so that I could purchase her Silhouette classes. I feel like I have a good handle on the software but I recently upgraded to the designer edition and I'm always willing to learn more. Today was my day, she has a sale for 20% off all her classes and 30% off all her designs. If you have time you may want to RUN over and check out the sale and she has a HUGE giveaway with Lisa Bearnson on her blog too! Check it out here!<<<<<<<
While I was poking around over on Kerri's Blog I also noticed she had a challenge posted and I'm always up for a $25 gift card for cut files or classes :)  So the challenge is to use these colors and a Kerri Bradford Studio cut file (She has tons of free ones on her site)


Color: Brown-Grey-Yellow (Image Source: Kerri Bradford Studios)

For me the biggest challenge was getting the project done in less than 6 hours while my husband was gone to a meeting and my boys (5 years and 3 years old) were running around. Here is what I came up with.


jazy1m said...

Love the card. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sue Lelli said...

Hi Becky, LOVE the words and the globe with the butterfly and the arrows! CUTE card!

Mistylynn said...

Good for you, getting back into it. It's hard sometimes. Fun card.