Do you always like what you create?

Well I wasn't going to share this card because I'm not in love with it but a recent conversation amongst my fellow crafters and the stomach flu have made me think that just because I don't like it doesn't mean someone else won't. Do you love every creation you make? Does creating come easily to you? Those were the base questions of our recent Facebook conversation.

So without further ado, this is that same Avery Elle set that intimidates me so much...

Avery Elle Stamp set

This picture doesn't show the true qualities of this card either, I used shimmer mist on the "peach" flower directly on the stamp before stamping which lends to a super cool effect. It doesn't photograph very well though.

Sorry to be so short today but the stomach flu has hit our house and I need to go back to bed. :(


Sara Fink said...

Hey Girl! LOVE your blog and that is why I have awarded you with the Liebster award Check it out and get the details here: http://creativecarnivalcreations.blogspot.com/2014/03/have-you-filled-bucket-today.html

Sue Lelli said...

Becky, first I hope you feel better! YIKES! And no, I don't always like what I make but when that happens, I put it aside and go back and look at it later and tah! dah! sometimes the lightbulb goes off and I see what it's missing! Sometimes it's oh well!