GIU winner and randomness

So no project today but I do have some random ramblings and a winner from my GIU week.

Do you ever feel like your stuck in a rut? While I do and today I decided to turn a new leaf. My husband and I have decided to try The 17 day diet, that's not the new leaf for me.... I HATE cooking dinner, but not because I hate cooking. I can never decide what to make for dinner, its such a chore and one that I absolutely despise. Almost as much as I hate folding laundry, lol! So today I did a little online research during my son's nap-time with the hopes that if I can pre-plan meals it won't be such a chore for me and I found this wonderful site. Ginas Skinny Recipes Even if your not dieting I recommend you check out this site so many mouth watering recipes. My husband is kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to food and doesn't like to try new and funky things but really wants to try this diet and I think that these recipes are normal enough even he will eat them.

I also feel like for some reason my blog needs to focus on papercrafting only and I'm not sure why because I am so much more of a person than just my hobby.... Maybe its the pressure that once you are into blogging you have to appeal to an audience and be on design teams and so on. Not saying I wouldn't love to be on a DT, because I'd be lying!! But from today forward I'm going to share with you more about my life than just my papercrafting, though it will still probably be my main focus. One of my very wise friends put blogging into perspective very well for me this week, this is NOT a competition, this is a place built for MY happiness! Maybe the only place in this world that I have complete and total control over, lol! So I hope you will continue with me on my journey :)

Now what you have all really been looking for amongst all of my random babbling, hehehehe. The winner from my GIU week. Drum roll please..........

Blogger Sarah   who said...
I love home decor projects....bringing pieces of you into your home (instead of the premade art/creations you can buy in the stores). Plus they mean so much more to you and your family in the long haul. :-)
April 27, 2011 7:24 AM
Thank You Sarah for faithfully leaving me a comment EVERYDAY during my GIU week and becoming one of my new followers :) There were many of you but this is the name that my 3 year pulled out of the bowl. So Congrats to Sarah. I will be emailing you in a minute.

Until tomorrow, I'm off to make grilled chicken breast with steamed red,yellow and orange peppers as my main dish and cauliflower fritters (shhh, don't tell my husband or he won't eat them) as my side dish.

Have a great one!


mommyfink said...

What a wonderful way to view blogging...you are right...it is not a competition...it is a place to release what you dream and what you feel....and sometimes....even release your frustrations.

I am going to check out your site...I really need to do something about losing wait but I am such a sweet tooth......I have to make a conscious effort!

Congrats Sarah!!!!!

Gwen said...

Dinner sounds wonderful! Wanna come cook for me?! Happy blogging to your heart's content! And congrats to your winner!

Renee VanEpps said...

I agree with mommyfink, that is a wonderful way to look at blogging! Most of the reason I don't get going on my blog is because of worrying about what to show, not to show... and what to talk about! Thanks for the inspirational post :) And congrats Sarah :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOL! I love how open you are about your blog and this new diet/cooking....you are so sweet! I will be honest and tell you that I HATE cooking--too many dirty dishes. And I don't like taking hours to cook and then the meal is gone (eaten) in less than 10 minutes...you know what I mean? EH.

Congrats to the winner!!! Thanks for sharing so many fabulous creations last week! YOU ROCK!!