Sihlouette meets Glitter Ritz

So last night at about 11:00pm I had a flash of inspiration and decided to play a little bit to see if something new would work. The results, lots of frustration with fabulous results! There are still some kinks I need to work out with this technique but I LOVE its "look" of simplicity and elegance, I will definitely be trying more of this. Let me tell you these pictures do these cards no justice!

*Gasp* I made a card with NO layer and NO dp. If you knew me you would know that this almost put me into convulsions, LOL.

So to try this technique you HAVE to have Be Creative Tape from Elizabeth Craft Designs. You can find it {HERE}, make sure you poke around and order some of this AMAZING glitter while you are there too! I could try to tell you how much I LOVE this glitter but I would just end up sounding ridiculous, haha, so please just believe me :)

So after you have your product choose an image to cut on your Silhouette or other favorite cutting machine and load your adhesive sheet with both backings onto your carrier sheet, now you will have to play with settings on different cutting machines but here is what worked for me on the Sihlouette. Choose "Label Sheet (with adhesive backing)" from your media choices and modify the cut speed settings to 4 or 6 depending on the intricacy of your design. *This technique will not cut well on small intricate designs*. Now check the double cut box and send your image to the Silhouette for cutting.

After cutting your image remove it from the carrier sheet and very carefully remove the brown backing from the adhesive and place it on your card (this is the most difficult part). If you want to use more than one color of glitter on your design you will need to make a few extra cuts with a utility knife at the edges of your designs.

Now choose your darkest color glitter first and remove the protective sheet from the adhesive that you want to color. Pour the glitter on and rub it in (burnish) with your finger, remove the excess and continue on with the same process for your other colors till you are finished.

Ok, Wow this post has gotten really long for a simple card!!! I will play with this technique some more and let you know what I learn and maybe I'll even try my hand at a video for you. *YIPES* did I just say that?? Anywho I hope you like what you saw today, till next time!

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JulieK said...

These are fabulous! You taught me something today- Thanks!!