Complete Failure...

So as you can see my *plan* to post everyday this week was this a complete fail with a capital F! I wish I had a whole slew of excuses for you but the only one I have was I was just waaaaaay too exhausted to be creative this week. Alas I am FINALLY starting to feel like the healthy ole' me again.

As some of you may have read earlier this week today is my birthday, yay! What comes with birthdays? Why, presents of course. Well and cake too I guess but its a lot harder to mail cake. So I have presents to share. No project to share today just presents :)

So you want a chance to win.... Here's all you have to do.

1. Leave me a comment here. (because i LOVE comments, they make my day really!)
2. Head over to Squirly Girl Creations FB page and say hi there too. Make sure you like my page while you are there. 
3. Want an extra chance to win?? Send your friends over to Squirly Girl's FB page with a link on your FB page (tell me that you've done it over on FB too). If your friends come over to say hi and say you sent them I'll add you in for 2 extra entries.

I have more than one present to share so don't be shy. Now I suppose you all want to know what the presents are, I bet you even wish I had a picture like a responsible blogger would. Well again we go back to the title of this post ^^^^.  But I got this! So let's roll :)

So first up for grabs is not one but TWO of these:
Sweet Stamp Shop Against the Grain
Second up is:
Thanksgiving Owl-fits
Third is:
Sweet Tooth
Next up:
3 Girl JAM crinkle ribbon
And last but not least is
A large variety assortment from my overwhelming collection
So go on comment, post, share away now :)


jazy1m said...

Happy Birthday Becky. Thanks for a chance to win. Hope you have a great day.

Mistylynn said...

I think I only posted once this week too. It's been crazy!! You're so sweet!

Stephanie U said...

What fun stamps!

Amy said...

New follower thanks to Misty, but Happy Birthday!!! And thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Lynn B. said...

At least you got one in, I haven't yet. Hope your birthday was good! Giveaways are great fun, thanks!


Melissa Whipp said...

Happy Birthday Becky! Thanks again for the COOL card idea. It looked AWESOME! Have a great night! Melissa

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Becky!! How fun that you are choosing to share the love on your birthday!! :) I'm glad that you are feeling more "you" again... I'm so glad I got to scoot around your blog today -- you've been making some AWESOME stuff!! I've missed ya, my creative friend!! :)

Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

Brittany said...

Yay, happy birthday! Thanks for such a fun opportunity to win! I am a new follower thanks to Misty as well.

Amber S said...

Happy Birthday! Found you through my friend Misty. I know how hard posting every day is - I had to do it this week for Unity's GIU. Feel free to head over and enter my giveaway too! Thanks for the giveaway - I've been eyeing that crinkle ribbon for awhile!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

HAPPPPPPPY belated birthday!!! I'm sorry I missed the fun!! I hope you had a fabulous day! Psalm 118:24

ps....I don't think you have failed!! You set a goal and did the best you could after an exhausting week! You have shared so much and inspired all of us:) I LOVE visiting your blog! I hope you don't really think you've failed-- chin up buttercup! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3