CHA 2010

I'm so excited I'm bursting at the seems! I just found out today that I will be attending the winter CHA 2010 next weekend! I can't believe that I'm actually going :) All I can say is I have an extremely generous boss! I can't believe that I'll get to see all the brand new products coming to the stores before they even hit the shelves! Then on top of that to meet creative geniuses like Tim Holz and Anna Griffin... I'll be the stalker with the camera :) Did I mention I've only been west of Minnesota once and I have only been on an airplane once back in 1999.

I think I'm going to go craft some of my excited energy away now, I just couldn't wait to share my news with all of you! Come back soon I'll have lots of pictures from CA for you :P

Hugs~ Becky

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