How fun is this?

Wow, I'm so excited! Its like Christmas coming to my blog now :) I can't believe that SusanBluerobot and Laurinda actually took the time to come see me, little ole me!! I knew some free stuff would make people look, lol! Just in case you don't know Fiskars is the maker of Cloud 9 Design and Hiedi Grace as well as all of the wonderful fiskars tools. I can't wait to go and get some stuff for you ladies. Last time I went I picked up about $600 worth of retail stuff for only $65. I was amazed when I added it all up. If you live anywhere near Wausau Wisconsin this is definitely worth your trip, even if you have to travel a few hours its worth your trip!!! Thanks for all of you who have taken the time to look :)

*P.S. Laurinda I started working on a project last night for my Sister-in-laws baby shower with one of your cut files. I can't wait to share it with you!


Deb said...

I do indeed wish I lived a little closer! It's hard to beat deals like that!

Laurinda said...

I'm working on baby shower stuff right now also. How fun!